Meet The Team

With a desire to grow deeper in Jesus, our team at BEC are in tune with God's heart for His people.

From all background and walks of life, our team serve the church with passion, enthusiasm and a heart to see God move in this nation.


Paul Rogers - Lead Pastor

Paul became a Christian at university after a conscious search for meaning in life. Since then, he has sought to pursue God with the all-too-inadequate resources at his own disposal, hoping someday to lay hold of the One who promises to satisfy the deepest longings of the human heart. Paul and his precious family have now been joined in this pursuit to the wonderful family that is BEC, where Paul serves as Lead Pastor. This involves working with a great staff and leadership team, overseeing strategic planning, trying to preach better, praying a bit, and looking to have a lot of fun together in the future. The search goes on ...

Staff Team

Introducing our Staff Team here at BEC. Please click on the images for details


Introducing our team of Elders who give of their time to serve the church. Please click on the images for details

Alan Stapleton - Pastor

Alan mainly enjoys climbing mountains ... oh yeah and he heads up the ministry's work at BEC too!!! He is married to Sam and has 2 sons. Alan has been involved in youth leadership for over 18 years and spends most of his time drinking coffee (although he has now given up caffeine) and chatting! He is passionate about seeing young people live for God and achieve their potential.