Prayer is a big part of everything we do at BEC (it underpins everything else!), so although this is a section specifically about prayer, you can take it as read that there is prayer happening all over the place!

Prayer Meetings

We want to help support your individual prayer life and the Church's corporate prayer with regular opportunities to pray together. There are now several regular prayer meetings which include: Monday Prayer - every Monday morning 9:15am - 10.15am at The BEC Centre; and Prayer for the Persecuted Church - every 1st & 3rd Monday evening at 8:00pm at Mosaic Coffee Shop.  

Tuesday Prayer

Every Tuesday morning at 9:00am - 10:30am at The BEC Centre.   There are also regular prayer support meetings for each of our missionaries, which take place on different days throughout the month - see the Insight noticesheet for details.   Every six months or so we have a half-night of prayer and worship on a Friday or Sunday evening.

Prayer Ministry

We encourage all members of our congregation, younger and older, to join in with praying for each other during our church gatherings, but we also have a Prayer Ministry Team which is made up of church members with further training in specific aspects of prayer. The Prayer Ministry Team will be available during/after each morning and evening service to listen and pray with anyone - team members have Prayer Ministry badges on a black lanyard for ease of identification.    If you are a church member who is interested in prayer ministry and sense God's leading to join the Prayer Ministry Team, please speak to the BEC Office.

Prayer Requests

You can use the 'Prayer Request' contact form below to send your prayer requests to a group of people who have signed up to receive them and committed to pray!   If you would like to be part of the group that receives the prayer requests, please fill in your details on the 'Join Prayer Group' contact form below and we will add you to the list of recipients.  

When sending in your prayer requests, do remember to respect people's privacy. If unsure, send your request with names and sensitive details removed - remember, God always knows who and what we mean, even if we don't!   The e-mail prayer request system will also link in with the existing Prayer Tree, a phone prayer chain system run by Eileen Wardle. Please contact Eileen if you would like to receive prayer requests in this way.