The meetings are addressed by members and invited speakers and cover a wide range of subjects ranging from missions, personal testimonies, Christian festivals, local history, treasured memories, seasonal events and appropriate entertainment. Participation by members is actively encouraged. The latest visual technology is used throughout the meetings.

The objective of the founders is to bring a knowledge of the love of Jesus Christ to every meeting. The meetings usually close with refreshments and an opportunity to share conversation.

If you would like to share in this stimulating activity which is open to all over fifty-fives, please contact Joyce Urwin on 01455 553364 or Brenda Glew on 01788 334457 for more detailed information.

Monday Club - Seniors

Monday Club is a ministry to the older generation of our church and community. It is specifically structured to cater for the over fifty fives.

The idea for the group occurred during the summer of 1992 by the current leadership, who identified the need for a meeting where the older generation could worship God and Jesus and learn about His plan for salvation, singing familiar hymns and songs and through prayer, care and visitation to nurture the members.

The meetings take place on alternate Monday afternoons commencing at 2pm and lasting about 90 minutes.

The aim is to create a 'caring' environment and encourage the development of friendships within the whole group, but particularly those who may be lonely and those living alone. Birthdays are recognised and prayers are made for those struggling with health or other circumstances. Prayers are always offered covering topical, local, national and international events.