December 8th

Don't skip ahead!



In a season when we can consume so much richness, let’s stop to focus on the meaning of Christmas. 

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Let’s stop consuming and look to Jesus. Pray and ask God what you could fast from: maybe a meal, social media, TV, or magazines. Use the time you would have spent doing these things to pray. 

Don’t forget to share photos or videos of you making an area for the nativity to rest or something else you’ve been doing. Tag on Instagram and Facebook @becchurch61 with #unboxingadvent #connectingoutsidethebox. Or send us your pics via e-mail at 


  • Lets stop consuming and look to Jesus


  • Ask God what you could fast from, maybe a meal, social media, T.V or magazines

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Create a safe space for the nativity figures to stay. You could use Lego to build somewhere, or use a shoe box or anything else you have in the house that would make a great stable for the nativity figures to rest in.