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We believe every woman is precious in the sight of God and our desire is that our hearts will beat in tune with God's heart as we become more like Him.  We’re being called to create a church culture that provides a space to minister God’s grace and love to one another (to those from within the church and those not-yet in the church family).

We want to encourage women to meet together to share, support one another and to develop loving relationships infused with God’s grace.

Our Next Event

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Dates for 2024

Saturday 1st June, 2-5pm: Summer Grace Gathering

Friday 4th - Sunday 6th October: BEC Weekend Away

Saturday 30th November, 7-9.30pm: Pre-Advent Social

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Informal & Relational Gatherings
We want to encourage deep, authentic relationships among the women at BEC where we learn to love one another and faithfully administer God’s grace.  We want to create spaces throughout the year to draw BEC women together, along with their seeking friends, to encounter Jesus and one another on a deeper level.


Creating space to share our own ‘grace stories’ with one another, stories that speak of God’s rescue or his favour to us. Stories  reveal something of the Father’s character. His love. His kindness. His power to restore our relationship with him and with others. Grace stories humble the storyteller but always glorify Jesus! 

Conferences & Time Away

We hope to create space & opportunity for BEC Women to encourage relationship, rest and encounter with God by gathering at different events planned throughout the year.

Cabin by the Lake


Karen S, Bridget B, Carmelita E, Corrine M, Diana M, Carys I

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