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Safeguarding at BEC

Part 1: Cause for Concern Form

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(for use by any staff/volunteers - This form can be filled in electronically. Every box needs to be completed even if you write unknown. If the form is handwritten black ink must be used and care should be taken to ensure that the form is legible). Hard copies of this form are available on the main noticeboard in the foyer of the BEC Centre.


Please follow the guidelines below to record your concerns factually:

Nature of concern, e.g. disclosure, change in behaviour, demeanour, appearance, injury, witnesses, your observations etc., (please include as much detail in this section as possible. Remember - the quality of your information will inform the level of intervention initiated. Attach additional sheets if necessary and state here how many extra sheets are attached).

Guidance notes for Form 1 (volunteers/staff only):

Following are some helpful pointers in completing the above form:

  1. As a registered body the church is required to ensure that its duty of care towards its beneficiaries is carried out in line with the principles enshrined within the Working together to safeguard children and young people, 2018 and the Care Act, 2014. (Refer to BEC safeguarding policy at this point too).

  2. Essential principles of recording the information received/disclosed/observed:

    1. ​Remember: do not investigate or ask any leading questions.

    2.  Make notes within the first one hour of receiving the disclosure or observing the incident.​

    3. Be clear and factual in your recording of the incident or disclosure.

    4. Avoid giving your opinion or feelings on the matter.

    5. Aim to record using the 4 W’s and 1 H: When, where, what, why and how.

    6. Do not share this information with anyone else except your safeguarding coordinator in the first instance and they will advise on who else will need to be informed, how and when

    7. Make use of the additional information section to add any other relevant information regarding the child/adult/family that you may be aware of. This can include any historic concerns or observations.

  3. What constitutes a safeguarding concern? - any incident that has caused or likely to cause significant harm to a child can be classed as a safeguarding concern. Abuse is classified under four different categories (with regards to children) as already stated within the safeguarding policy (physical, sexual, emotional, neglect). With regards to adults there are 6 further categorisations. Whilst it may be helpful to record a specific category in the above form, if possible, this may not always be the case. Therefore, it is important to seek advice from your safeguarding co-ordinator or thirtyone:eight at this stage.​

  4. Why do you need information regarding 'other household members'? - It has been demonstrated as important to include information about significant adults in the household especially when concerns relate to children as this has been a recurrent risk factor in several serious case reviews.

  5. Why is the view of the child/adult significant? - It is important to give whatever details is available of the child or adult’s explanation (or verbatim) of the matter to help ascertain if it is plausible and to help offer a context to the concern identified.

  6. Passing information to the Safeguarding coordinator - Your safeguarding coordinator holds ultimate responsibility in responding to any safeguarding concerns within the church/organisation and therefore it is important that they have oversight of the actions being taken and make relevant and appropriate contact with statutory agencies if required. They will remain the most appropriate link between the organisation and external agencies.

If you have a genuine concern that it is NOT SAFE for a child to return home,

please call one of the below numbers for advice.


Warwickshire Front Door (Childrens Social Care) - 01926 414144 option 3; Out of Hours Duty: 01926 886922; Warwickshire Adult Social Care - 01926 410410 Mon-Thu 9am-5pm, Fri 9am-4:30pm; Out of Hours Duty: 01926 886922; ThirtyOne:eight - 0303 003 1111 - Option 2 7 days a week, 7am-midnight; Police - 999

Check to make sure your report is clear to someone else reading it.

© Thirtyone:eight. UK’s only Independent Christian Safeguarding Charity. No part of this publication may be shared or distributed to any party outside of the member organisation, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Bilton Evangelical Church               Version 1.1               03/11/23

Thanks for submitting, one of our safeguarding team will be in touch.

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